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Who We Are

A chat that started amongst a small group of friends led to a voyage of discovery, the intersection of lives by a twist of fate, and a heartwarming appreciation for the generosity of folks across Durham Region despite these times of stress and economic uncertainty. 

As with most families, our lives have been touched with serious illness, both mental and physical.   

We also share the struggles and heartache that families face dealing with cancer.

Our collective experiences lead to the decision to undertake a charity golf tournament known as

Par for the Cause. Which brings us to....


our mission, our charities

Our mission, as founders of this charity event whose families have been touched by cancer and mental health issues, is to increase awareness and deliver financial support to innovative research, treatment and programs for those affected by these illnesses. The funds raised will be divided equally between these two worthy causes:

Dr.  Jonathan Irish, of Princess Margaret Hospital, and his team of researchers;  radiologists, engineers, physicists and chemists work together to develop imaging technology and nanomedicine, known as  Guided Therapeutics (GTx).  For those suffering from cancer, these innovations advanced by Dr. Irish and his team help detect cancer, improve treatment and recovery time, and increase quality of life. This research group was established with the support of the RACH Fund, which contributed $1,000,000 in funding over 15 years. 


Guided Therapeutics (GTx) allow surgeons to help their patients by precisely removing tumours without harming healthy tissue by supporting development of molecular maps of cancer cells employing nanoparticles, which are molecules which glow showing surgeons remaining tumour cells. The GTx Operating Room (the largest operating room in Canada) was designed and built to include the latest in ‘in-room’ CT scanning utilizing the GTx research and is a “blue print” for the operating room of the future. The GTx team continues to advance their research on imaging techniques to better plan radiation therapy and the use of augmented and virtual reality to assist with medical training and surgical planning.  Learn more about the Rallying Against Cancer Hardcore Fund:

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health is a public hospital located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Whitby providing a range of specialized assessments, treatments and services to those living with complex and serious mental illness Last year this mental health centre treated over 90,000 patients. Assessment and crisis services are provided as well as consultation and education Ontario Shores Recovery College program services are available to inpatients and outpatients and access is supported by self referral Courses will provide education about mental illnesses, treatment options, wellness and ultimately discovering or rediscovering passions, hope, and meaning, for those recovering from mental illness.  The Recovery College complements professional assessment and treatment by helping people to understand their challenges and learn how to manage them better to pursue their aspirations It is a place where "lived experience" is blended with the expertise of mental health practitioners to help participants develop meaningful goals for recovery. Focus should be about hope, empowerment, possibility and connection.

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